Explore how to keep your immune system healthy, and how it could help in the fight against infection.

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The most Scientific method guranteed to deliver more energy, better sleep, less food cravings and stronger immune system within a matter of days.

This 2 or 5 Day Course shows you how to do this and avoid or dramatically reduce the symptoms of common illnesses such as influenza, colds, viral infections and chronic health problems.


Detoxify your body; Cleanse your digestive tract; Balance your Microbiome.

The Gut Detox Programme is a new online course available now. It contains a 14 or 28 day meal plan, coaching, supplements and lots more.


- Are you unhappy about the state of your health?

- Would you like to have more energy for life, work and play?

- Would you like to know how your lifestyle and habits are affecting your energy?

Get More Energy

Feel Good Every Day

Better Quality of Life

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Kostas Kapelas
Holistic Health & Energy Specialist

Kostas is our Head Practitioner and co-founder of Total Health Now® and specialises in helping people to Rebuild their Health and Recharge their Energy.

Kostas believes that a toxin-free lifestyle, emotional and spiritual stability, proper nutrition, breathing and exercise, are the keys to good health. He seeks to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. He offers practical health solutions without the hype.

Kostas is an accomplished public speaker, who puts on regular live and online events in London and Greece, sharing the truth about natural health and a healthy lifestyle.

Lana Kapelas
Weight Loss, Detox & Beauty Specialists

Lana is the co-founder of Total Health Now Clinic. She is a weight loss, and rejuvenation mentor, RejuvaDetox+ specialist, nutritional advisor, and CACI face and body therapist. She is also a mother of two children who enjoy excellent health. Lana is a positive and professional person who loves helping people to feel the best they can. She supports her clients as they change their lifestyles, and she always puts their safety and welfare as a priority.
Lana has over 10 years experience running the RejuvaDetox+ programmes which she enhanced much more since it was originally developed in 1994 hence the + sign in its name.
During this programme, our past clients have achieved significant health improvement and weight loss. The greatest ones being a reduction in weight of 31 lbs (over two stone in fat) in six weeks, and a loss of 42 inches

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